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Studio Showcases

We're thrilled to be showcasing the work that's coming out of some of our classes as part of the Festival. Some projects will be pre-recorded or hosted live on Zoom, while some will be presented in person on the UMass Campus.

Voices from the Void — Voice over students working with professor Elisa Gonzales offer a pre-recorded online presentation of folktales and myths. Premiering online on April 26 at 7:30 p.m. Visit our Festival website to access the recordings when they go live.

Siren Song
A group of teens tells the local legend of what haunts a coastal fishing town's shores. 
"The sea is a dangerous place."

Written by Shelly Head
Sound Design by Emma Stankiewicz

McKenna Canty as Shiri and Teen 2
Michael Donnelly as Tristan and Jonas
Emma Stankiewicz as Pa, Teen 3, Villager 1, Amanda
Shelly Hed as Teen 1, Villager 2, Sailor

The age-old story of Jason and the Golden Fleece is reimagined in this audio drama as a film noir style heist following Medea, a struggling inventor, and Jason, Greece’s favorite hero, as they complete challenges to entertain the billionaire class of gods, and acquire the golden fleece!
Starring Eloise Arnold as Medea and Arjun Misra as Jason

Written and Directed by Jemma Kepner
Sound Design by Eddie Pizzano
Assistant Sound Design by Arjun Misra
Dramaturgy by Eloise Arnold
A Trip to Wonderland
Alice, a UMass student, falls asleep during the long wait at UHS. We've all been there! Come follow Alice down the rabbit hole as she explores a confusing, fantastical world, all while trying to get back home. As she travels through this strange place, trying to find anyone who can help her get home, she realizes it's strikingly similar to trying to find help in the real world.
Written and Edited by Phoebe Bell, Chelsea Cannon, Brooke Morrison, Pedro Saravia-Castillo
Based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Pedro Saravia-Castillo – Alice, The Mad Hatter
Brooke Morrison - The Cheshire Cat/Receptionist, The White Rabbit, The Caterpillar
Phoebe Bell – The March Hare, The Queen of Hearts
Chelsea Cannon – The Doormouse, The Mock Turtle, The King

Free Union
A radio play about four beings stuck inside rooms hidden deep in a nebulous, world-bending pit. They brave the worlds beyond their doors in order to be where they desperately want to be: Together.

DAKOTA: Siena M. Moraff
ALEX: Chris Webber
MEL: Celena Mendes-Lopes
CHESTER: Mike O’Malley

Script Editors: Mike O’Malley and Celena Mendes-Lopes
Sound Designer: Chris Webber
Music Production: Celena Mendes-Lopes and Mike O'Malley

RESPIRATION. — Students working with Professor Judyie Al-Bilali and student Tatiana Rodriguez collaborate to create a performance that mixes live and pre-recorded elements in an online performance on April 27 at 5 p.m. Registration welcome but not required. Visit our Festival website on April 27 to join the audience.

The Freedom Artist Project — A cast of performers working with Professors Gilbert McCauley and Paul Dennis, doing excerpts from The Freedom Artist, by Ben Okri. To be performed live, in-person, outdoors on the UMass campus on the Haigis Mall on April 28 at 5 p.m., following UMass COVID protocols. Preregistration required. Visit our Festival website for the full festival experience and information about how to access our events.

Directing II presentations — Projects to be announced showcasing work by students of Professor Gina Kaufmann, to be performed live beginning in front of the Fine Arts Center and traveling to different locations around the Fine Arts Center on April 30 at 2 p.m., following UMass COVID protocols. Preregistration required. Visit our Festival website for the full festival experience and information about how to access our events.

Podcasting — Professor Amy Altadonna and graduate student Bianca Dillard are guiding students through creating podcasts that capture the experience of creating the festival, exploring its social and theatrical goals, and reflecting on its impact. Visit our Festival website to access our podcasts.