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AUDITIONS for Spring 2022: Play Lab


PlayLab this year will feature two plays written by graduate students Bianca Dillard and Percival Hornak — details on each project to follow.
•    Parzival by Percival Hornak
•    Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert by Bianca Dillard

Auditions: Monday, January 31 and Tuesday, February 1
Callbacks: Wednesday, February 2

Please prepare a one minute contemporary monologue or tell a one minute story. If choosing to prepare a story, feel free to tell us an engaging story from your life, from a storybook or other piece of writing you admire (written notes to aid you in the telling are totally welcome). We are most interested in material that matters to you as a person and a performer. 

We value seeing you for these plays. What we are most interested in seeing in these auditions are monologues and stories that show us who you are as a performer and collaborator.  If you are on the fence about auditioning, please join us. We are happy to provide cold readings or another audition task.

by Percival Hornak

Parzival is a contemporary trans retelling of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, about a young knight who stumbles into a quest that changes his life and reveals his hidden destiny. The play takes inspiration from fanfiction to tell the story of a teen who explores his gender through the Parzival story as its protagonist learns about chivalry, becomes a knight, and searches for the Holy Grail, winning jousts and the hearts of fair young maidens along the way. 

We are seeking approximately 9 actors for the following tracks — because the play features trans characters and stories, we encourage actors of all genders to audition for whichever roles excite them most.
•    1 - Wolfram 
•    2 - Parzival 
•    3 - Herzeloyde, Cundrie, Trevrizent 
•    4 - Knight, Servant, Gawan
•    5 - King Arthur, Anfortas 
•    6 - Ither, Clamide, Keie
•    7 - Sigune, Woman, Squire
•    8 - Crowd, Condwiramurs, Page
•    9 - Messenger, Gurnemanz, Segramors

Parzival - Full Character Descriptions:

Wolfram: late teens; transmasculine; very nerdy; he/him

Parzival: late teens; transmasculine; desperate to be a knight; kind of oblivious; he/him

Herzeloyde (herz-eh-loyd): Parzival’s mom; has Seen Some Shit and would do anything for her son; she/her

Knight: a knight in service of King Arthur; he/him

King Arthur: the King; he/him

Sigune (sig-goon): sad but working through it; Parzival’s cousin; she/her

Crowd: a member of the crowd; any pronouns

Ither (ee-ther): kind of an asshole if I’m being honest; he/him

Gurnemanz (gur-neh-mahns): a cool uncle; he/him

Condwiramurs (cond-wee-ruh-murs): canonically hot; she/her

Clamide (clah-myde): a conquering knight; he/him

Anfortas (ahn-fort-ahs): the Fisher King and keeper of the Holy Grail; he/him

Page: a servant in Anfortas’ court; any pronouns

Squire: a squire in service of one of the Knights of the Round Table; any pronouns

Segramors (seg-rah-mor): a knight in service of King Arthur; he/him

Keie (key): a knight in service of King Arthur; he/him

Gawan (gow-an): a knight in service of King Arthur; canonically hot; he/him

Cundrie (cun-dree): a sorceress with high expectations; she/her

Trevrizent (trev-riz-ent): stone butch; she/her or he/him

Others (messengers, pages, servants, etc)

Visit SignUp Genius to schedule your Parzival audition — held in BCA 204
Read the script (PDF)


Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert. 
A Wild Adaptation 

by Bianca Dillard

Red dramatizes the writings of Terry Tempest Williams and the urgency of climate action. Williams is a naturalist who wrestles with community, religious tradition, politics, always with her eye on the fragility of human life. This piece explores questions like: how do we create and claim a personal ethos and sense of spirituality while being rooted in a place and a community bound to conservative religion and politics? Can we honor where we’ve come from in a way that protects life on this planet as we all hurtle closer to climate disaster? What mix of tools can aid us on our journey: grace, rage, community, empathy, acceptance, wildness itself, Magic? Unabashedly & wildly theatrical, 4th wall breaking, embracing of movement, extreme casting and our collective imaginations! 

Stage Manager (she/her or she/they) 
A friend who helps along the way. She is in charge and plays many characters. A BIPOC perspective would be welcome in the development of this role. 

Man (he/him) 
Another friend to play many roles. Experience with puppets and/or sleight of hand magic is a plus!

Stage Directions (any gender) 
You won’t be bored reading directions for this piece! Your actorly skills, energy and timing will be on full display in this juicy and interactive role. A BIPOC perspective would be welcome and encouraged in this role! 

Visit SignUp Genius to schedule your Red audition — held in BCA 203
Read the script (PDF)