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Cry Wolf: An Audio Drama

In the small mining town of Rosewood, tensions between the fae and the flesh boil over when the werewolf Lewis siblings are accused of a double homicide. Instinct kicks in, and the town struggles for survival. This three-part audio drama explores the nature of fear, and asks the question: who's afraid of the "big, bad wolf"?

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Trailer: Live now!

Episode 1: LIVE NOW on Anchor or Spotify
Episode 2: will be released 4/30
Episode 3: will be released 5/7

Transcript download: (coming soon)

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Paige/Advertisement: Rebecca Hicks
Freddie/Newscaster: Deshaun Darling
Aaron: Micki Kleinman
Chief/Medic: Michael Donnelly
Dee/Officer: Sami Parazin
Gabe/Head Nurse: Tara Barry
Flint/Laura: Emma Olivia-Minor
Jaime/Coach: Marco White
Lisa/Sam: Alexandra Protter
Perkins/Doctor Lys/Mr. Perone: Hia Ghosh
Hayley/Principal Logan: Zo Kupelian
Medical Examiner/Elena: Victoria Tavares

Writer/Producer/Director/Sound Editor: Shelly Hed
Production Manager: Isabella Vitti
Music Engineer: Chelsea Cannon

Special Thanks To: The UMass Amherst Digital Media Lab, Professors Harley Erdman, Elisa Gonzales, Julie Fife, and Amy Altadonna, as well as the rest of the Theater Department and Darrow Sherman.