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COVEN-19 — Beltane

A brightly colored poster — the top is a sunny day with a witch figure looking at at a landscape, while the bottom is a nightscape with witches celebrating together
Art by Winter Williams

COVEN-19 is a community of artistic witches who are called upon to own our individual and collective power, make meaning out of utter chaos, and manifest tangible, seismic change. This spring, the Coven will collectively create a process-driven ritual in honor of Beltane, or May Day. The time is ripe for magick-making.

Follow along @umass_coven19 and

Performances scheduled for April 29 & 30, and May 1 at 7:30 p.m.

Registration open now at the Fine Arts Center Box Office

Visit our Festival website for the full festival experience and information about how to access our events.