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Café Subterrain — December

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Devised and directed by Rudy Ramirez
Immersive theater works by placing its audience amid the action; we’re taking this concept remote. Café Subterrain invites audience members to gather in a digital café where they’ll journey through virtual rooms to meet resistance agents from across time and space who will share their stories and empower audience members to commit small acts of change in their home communities. The idea: to give comfort and hope that the world can emerge from hardship to a better place, and that the struggle can feel like celebration.
Presented live online: Dec. 1, 2, & 3 at 7:30 p.m. A second iteration of this production is planned for spring, dates to be announced.

This event is FULLY BOOKED, but we will be running a limited waitlist on the night of the event starting about an hour before the performance. Please check here on the night of the performance you wish to attend for the sign-up link.

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About Café Subterrain

As we begin this event, we want to acknowledge that we gather as the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Theater on the traditional land of the Nipmuc, Wabanaki Confederacy and the Pocumtuc peoples past and present, whose ancient relationships with the land continue to this day. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations. Please take a moment to celebrate the resilience and strength that all Indigenous people have shown worldwide.

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Director — Rudy Ramirez
Stage Manager — Lianna Fife Wiggall
Website and Technical Support — Melissa Vogt
Performance Consultant — Jesus I. Valles 

Eli Bondar
Hia Ghosh
Elisa Gonzales
Abigail Hare
Paden Horton
Paul Kippenberger
Fleur Kuhta
Victoria Lee
Jimmy Murphy
Uju Onochie
Kyla Rafferty

Special Thanks
Ben Stanton, Mikayla Reid, Calypso Michelet, Chenoa Albertson

Tonight, Paul Kippenbeger remembers Austin Robert "Bob" Mortensen, his great-grandfather and the inspiration for his character in this performance. Although he experience the same injuries as Paul's character, he did serve in the military, possessed an almost photographic memory, and did everything he could for his family.

Department and Production Staff

Production Manager — Julie Fife
Assistants to the Production Manager — Josh Glenn-Kayden and Rudy Ramirez

Public Relations Director/House Manager — Anna-Maria Goossens
Public Relations Intern — Sofia Sallaway
Publicity Artist — Fleur Kuhta
Business Manager — Joanne Corbeil-Harper
Administrative Assistant — Bethany Sherwood
General Manager — Willow Cohen
Department Chair — Harley Erdman

Fall 2020 Ushers —
Members of Theater 110: Backstage Practice: Alexandra Uzbay, Arianna Morales, Autumn Marchetto, Bridget Austin-Weiss, Brooke Morrison, Christopher Porcaro, Christopher Webber, Danial Cousins, Deborah Proulx, Eddie Pizzano, Eliza McCann, Emily Formato, Fleur Kuhta, Isabelle Giuttari, Ivy Linden-Dionne, Jesse Ball, Lisa Portier, Matthew Gover, McKenna Canty, Mei MacQuarrie, Mical Henriquez, Michael O’Malley, Michaela DeVos, Mingyan Zhu, Olivia Darling, Pedro Saravia-Castillo, Phoebe Bell, Roshan Kharbanda, Ryan Taylor, Samantha Beaulieu, Sergio Martinez-Krawiec, Sofia Cerciello, Uju Onochie, William Waisnor, Yi-Wei Wang, Yixuan Shi, Yuying Deng