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Graduate Conferences

The Center hosts an annual graduate student-organized conference featuring new work from scholars all over the country.  click here.

Previous conferences

2020 - Eco-Entanglements: Ruin, Grafting, Stratification
Keynotes: Jean Feerick and Heide Estes
Conference Organizer: Melissa Hudasko, John Yargo

2018 - Spaces of Authority
Keynote: Christopher R. Kyle 
Conference Organizer: Hayley Cotter, Maria Ishikawa, John Yargo

2017 - History, Embodiment, Materiality
Keynote: Jennifer Waldron
Conference Organizer: Hayley Cotter, Yunah Kae

2016 - Early Modern Encounters
Keynote: Diana Henderson
Conference Organizer: Catherine Elliott Tisdale, Greg Sargent

2015 - Publics & Privates
Keynote: Anne Lake Prescott
Conference Organizer: Catherine Elliott Tisdale, Jessie Hill Gillooly, William Hrusovsky

2014 - Affect, Language, and the Stage
Keynote: Coppelia Kahn
Conference Organizer: Greg Sargent, April Genung, Thomas Hopper, William Hrusovsky

2013 - Women and Drama
Keynote: Susan P. Cerasano
Conference Organizer: April Genung, Thomas Hopper

2012 - Sex and Sexuality
Keynote: Mario DiGangi
Conference Organizer: April Genung, Meghan Conine

2011 - Early Modern Material Culture
Keynote: Nigel Smith
Conference Organizer: April Genung, Meghan Conine