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Undergraduate Audition Requirements - Percussion



Updated August 2021
Professor Ayano Kataoka,

Live Audition Requirements

Please prepare solos/etudes for ALL of the instruments listed below:

  • Snare Drum - solo or etude (i.e. Cirone, Delecluse) AND a rudimental solo (e.g. Wilcoxon, Pratt)
  • Mallets - solo for two mallets (choose one of the following, or a piece of similar difficulty)
    • J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor, a movement from the Cello Suites
    • A ragtime solo by George Hamilton Green
    • Goldenberg: choose one-page of etude(s) from 39 etudes in Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba and Vibraphone (page 62-93)
  • Mallets - solo for four mallets to demonstrate your current skill level both technically and musically (e.g. Stout, Abe, Sammut, Musser, Bach, Peters)
  • Timpani - solo or etude (e.g. Firth, Goodman, Carter, Carroll, Whaley)

The following technical exercises will be administered at the audition:

  • Sight-reading on various percussion instruments
  • Demonstrate any/all major and minor scales on mallet instruments
  • Tuning on timpani (if applicable)

Remote Audition Requirements

All Remote Auditions require faculty approval. Please see the Note Concerning Remote Auditions for further information.

The remote percussion audition includes both a video and livestream component:


  • Submit a video recording of the repertoire requirements for Snare Drum as outlined in the Live Audition Requirements. Though performance on snare drum is preferred, performance on a practice pad is permitted.
  • Students should prepare the repertoire requirements on mallet percussion (both two and four-mallet) to the best of their ability and submit a video of the performance of each piece. This may be in the same video as the snare drum requirement, or recorded separately. Though marimba is preferred, vibraphone and xylophone are permitted.
    • It is recognized that students may not have access to keyboard percussion instruments, and being unable to procure instruments will not be counted against the student's overall audition.
  • A link to the video(s) must be submitted with the Music Application. Raw video files are not acceptable. In the case of multiple videos, please separate each link with a comma and a space. YouTube is the preferred video platform, though any platform that smoothly enables sharing videos is permitted.


  • After submitting a Music Application with the required video links, the student must email Prof. Kataoka (and cc Nathaniel Gowen at to select a date for their livestream audition. Once a date is determined, the student will be sent an email with an audition time. The entire livestream audition process takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and will be conducted via Zoom.
  • At their designated audition time, the student will receive a musical "prompt" containing a combination of rhythm notation and/or pitched notation, and will have 30 minutes (without faculty supervision) to prepare a musical interpretation of the provided prompt. Students can make use of any object or device as a creative outlet, not necessarily just percussion instruments.
  • After the 30 minutes are up, the student will connect with the percussion faculty to showcase their work via Zoom.
  • Following the presentation, the percussion faculty will have a brief interview with the student.