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Graduate Audition Requirements- Voice

Graduate Voice

Coordinator: Professor William Hite,
Other Voice faculty: Jamie-Rose Guarrine, and
Marjorie Melnick,

For Graduate Voice applicants: Pre-screening materials are required.
Pre-screening videos should be accessible via weblink (e.g. YouTube). Please copy and paste the link in the Music Application when prompted.

Please have your pre-screening video submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your requested audition date for review. You will then be notified as to whether the faculty would like you to perform a live audition.

Pre-screening materials for Graduate Voice: Three accompanied songs and/or arias in contrasting languages and styles.

Please prepare five contrasting songs and/or arias in four of the following languages:
French, English, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
Taken from four of the following periods:
Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century, Contemporary

An accompanist will be provided during the audition (not during the warm-up). Please provide music for the accompanist only during the audition; music cannot be submitted in advance and extra copies are not desired by the audition panel.