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Who Am I To Feel So Free?

An exhibition of work by 13 students from the 5 College Studio Seminar

Opening Reception: December 1st, 4:30-6:30pm

Who Am I To Feel So Free? presents the work of thirteen artists currently enrolled in the Five College Special Topics Studio Art Seminar. Over the course of the past semester, the group has been asked to explore the goals of appropriation and examine the ways in which ideas move through culture. In doing so, they have considered persona, duality, and representation through the intersection of pop culture and fine art.

Each artist has followed an individualized path to create new work in painting, sculpture, performance, video, drawing, and dance. In addition, each student has reflected on this process through a series of writing exercises and research.

Names of participating artists: Caitlin Blanding, Daria Bobrova, Anastasia Denos, Jackson Glasgow, Haley McDevitt, Mika Obayashi, Greta Poler, Dana Smith, Shuang Su, Noah Tager, Samiha Tasnim, Dylan Wardwell, Lucy Womack

Curated by Coe Lapossy, Course Instructor and Lecturer, Department of Art


Procheta Olson