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"Thin Architectures" March 19-April 1, 2021

Thin ArchitecturesThin Architectures is a group show exploring space, shelter and system with work by Taylor Benoit, Chenda Cope, Avery Forbes, Nima Nikakhlagh and Chaehee Yoon.

By circling our hands from afar – from the Far East to the Near West – our work attempts to transcend our individual views of architecture, the space that brings us to experience, the relationship between the body, the mind, and nature.

In our visual narratives, we call into question the way we protect our lives, the way we expand and change our relationship to the structure of time and space; the way we adapt ourselves to a new culture, and the way we choose to see the natural world. This topological thinking serves the conceptual model of architecture, a model concerning structure, system, behavior and language.

We, Thin Architectures, join our poetic voices one last time before we leave, to create shapes in the connection between architecture, humanism, and nature.

Thin Architectures, 2021


Herter Art Gallery
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