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CARBON: an exhibition of work by undergraduate and graduate students

Opening Reception: February 8th, 5 - 7PM

Carbon is an exhibition of work by the 2017 recipients of the Collaborative Aggregates Art Scholarship. It brings together six undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Art who work in a broad range of materials, languages, and concerns. Some explore the dynamic relationship between the body, performance, and place. Others mine personal and social memories to create intimate landscapes of photographs, drawings, letters, and prints.

Like the element from which it derives its name, Carbon arranges and rearranges itself in multiple ways, presenting the works of these artists in an exciting variety of relationships. While carbon is the foundation of life, each of these artists draw from and speak to the human condition. At once intimate and shared, these narratives invite the viewer to explore, discover, activate, and reinterpret the dynamic diversity of its possibilities and implications.

Sponsored by Department of Art and Collaborative Aggregates LLC.

The 2017 UMass Amherst Collaborative Aggregates Art Scholarship recipients are:

Emma Berry Warren, Eva Lin Fahey, Madeleine Conover, Bibiana Medkova, Amanda Boggs, David Hannon

Collaborative Aggregates LLC is committed to the mission of green chemistry. It designs, optimizes and brings into widespread use a portfolio of high-performing, cost-competitive, and easy-to-use construction and infrastructure materials to dramatically improve human and environmental safety profiles.

Curated by Procheta Mukherjee Olson, Herter Art Gallery


Procheta Olson